Friday, 4 March 2011

Taking a Break From The Blog Untill After The Summer.

Just to let readers know, I'll be taking a break from the blog from now untill October.

I've got quite a bit to get done behind the scenes. Im going to try and add another section to the blog for other relevant articles, and I need to submit some Freedom of Information requests which may need following up.

I've also got some stuff of my own to get done, and I want to enjoy the summer too.

Over the next two to three weeks I'll be tidying up the blog, and adding updates to various blog posts, including a very important graphic for 'The Stern Review - blog owners opinion', dont miss that. A notification of any update's will appear at the top of the homepage.

When I come back in October we'll continue, every Friday.

Anti-feminist pro-male, audio, video, and documents, including:

  • Catherin Hakim's 'Feminist Myths and Magic Medicine' document (dealing with the pay gap myth). 

  • The Force (Channel 4 documentary following the work of 'Crystl', the specialist rape unit in Portsmouth).

  • The Equal Treatment Bench Book (guidance issued to judges by The Judicial Studies Board. Specifically the parts on women and 'equality').

  • Abortion Wars (BBC TV documentary).

  • Gareth Malones 'Extraordinary School For Boys' (three part BBC TV documentary).

  • Panorama 'A Very Dangerous Doctor' (BBC TV documentary).

And a lot more.

So have a good summer, and see you back here the first friday of October.


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