Friday, 5 November 2010

Mens Matters - ExpressFM Radio Programme

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Mens Matters - ExpressFM Radio Programme

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The following documentary has been produced by Manwomanmyth, and has been adapted for radio by James Williams of ExpressFM radio in Portsmouth.

"In the 1960's in London, a silent revolution began in the western world, there was no gunfire, or bodies in the streets of Englands capital. A few bombs were set off, but no one died. There were marches, and shrill voices in the street, but most people just smiled at the marchers indulgently, and walked on.

They had no idea then, just how destructive, brutal, deceiving, and world changing those who organised those marches could be.

Even today, many people on both sides of the Atlantic are still ignorant of the revolution happening all around them.

Many feel a vague sense of unease, but they cannot articulate why. Like a scattered jigsaw, the picture is not clear. There are good reason for this ignorance in the people. The people do not know, because many of their leaders do not know either.

As the revolution progressed through the decades since the sixties, the proponents of it began to infiltrate every important area of our collective societies. Social services, the church, education at every level, the broadcasting media, magazines, and newspapers, political institutions and parties, medical services, the police, and the armed services.

As the revolution progressed, detractors were ridiculed, shouted down, and threatend. Publishing houses daring to publish books by authors who were trying to expose what was going on were forced out of business. Researchers were threatend with the loss of funding and their jobs. Other researchers were told their familys would be hurt if they continued their work.

When this revolution began, communism was the single biggest threat the western world faced. From those 1960's roots, the feminist movement spearheaded by middle-class women, emerged all over America, and quickly spread to Britain. It asked not unreasonably, for equal rights for women, in education, services, medical provision, and in the work force. No one could ever oppose such aims, and the rights of women began to make huge leaps forward.

However those within the communist movement realized this was the political platform they had been waiting for, and by the beginning of the 1970's a new breed of radical feminist was born. These radical communists, inspired men and women, were not talking about equal rights, they wanted revolution."

(Manwomanmyth has no connection to the ExpressFM radio station.)